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Breathing new vitality into commercial real estate . . .

There are those who contend that change is inevitable, that the world of commercial real estate is a constant swirl of “out with the old, in with the new.”

We of THE LOMBARD GROUP agree . . . to an extent.

The way we see things, change is often very good. But we don’t agree with the philosophy of many developers that change must always be tearing down the old to make way for the new. Rather, we prefer to view every opportunity entirely on its own merit, to assess the pros and cons of ever property we consider, and then adopt the best and most productive course of action for that particular site. Apparently, this approach of ours works quite well, indeed, when you consider that just about every property we own and manage has gone from failing or outright failure to highly successful, high value, fully leased facilities.

Our mixed-use properties blend the old and new, exquisitely . . .

Case in point: our corporate headquarters building, One Lombard Centre. When the needs of our business dictated a new base of operations, we could have headed out into the suburbs, secured a pretty parcel of land and built something new and glitzy. We did not.

Instead, we sought out and purchased a cornerstone building in the heart of Waterbury’s reemerging downtown district, right on the northeast corner of the City Green. Next, we committed ourselves to restoring this fine old retail-and-office structure to the glory it once knew and has always deserved, as well as adding the modern amenities it takes for businesses to prosper in the 1990s and beyond.

Today, One Lombard Centre’s 60,000 square feet of retail and office space is home to a diverse range of retail and commercial businesses, service organizations and governmental agencies. We are proud to list among our neighbors Walgreens, Family Dollar, the Portuguese Consulate, and many more.

Our efforts to rekindle the viability of our new One Lombard Centre are not without precedent in our operations, though.

Back in 1995, THE LOMBARD GROUP purchased the former Seymour-Smith building, a 57,000 square foot manufacturing facility in nearby Oakville, Connecticut, that had stood vacant for several years. With our infusion of over $1,000,000 and a sound plan for its commercial development, this once distressed property was transformed into Steelebrook Commons, a vibrant commerce center. In the process, we also donated a portion of the property to the Town of Watertown and, in turn, the State of Connecticut for improvement to the highway serving the property and the surrounding area.

Recreating retail centers that stand a cut above . . .

We at THE LOMBARD GROUP enjoy the successes we have carved out of these commercial properties. In truth, though, it is in the complicated field of retail real estate that our unique skills and talents may actually shine the brightest. It is a direct result of our overriding philosophy that change need not demand destruction and reconstruction, but rather an intelligent refinement of the individual property to best serve the market.

Yet it is neighborhood shopping centers that are the strength of THE LOMBARD GROUP, not because we don’t believe in the big-bold-bright-beautiful mega-malls. In fact, we see very clearly the need for those giants, but we also believe there is a real need for well-located, well-finished, quality retail space for all those merchants serving us where we live.

Happily, this belief dovetails beautifully into our philosophy that rebuilding, the right way, often makes more sense for everyone.

THE LOMBARD GROUP has a long history of taking distressed, undermanaged neighborhood centers and transforming them into highly successful properties. Evidence of this exists all around our primary service area. Our Melba Street Shopping Center at the heart of the lucrative Connecticut shoreline in Milford delivers 13,000 square feet of affordable retail space which is of keen interest to a wide variety of retailers.

Adjacent to busy Bradley International Airport, our recently completed Windsor Locks Commons has already filled the majority of its 32,000 square feet with businesses serving area residents and air travelers, alike.

In the neighboring community of Bloomfield, THE LOMBARD GROUP has transformed the 60,000 square foot Bloomfield Shopping Center to add even more to our neighborhood retailing inventory.

Staffed and ready for any commercial real estate challenge . . .

THE LOMBARD GROUP arose out of 60 years of collective financial and real estate management experience from the father-and-son team of Louis and John Lombard. Today, these two serve as the senior managing partners of this closely-held, family-managed, and progressively expanding company established in 1978.

Each property in THE LOMBARD GROUP portfolio is owned by a unique, freestanding partnership of owners comprised of Lombard family members and independent investors. Ownership of every property is viewed as a hands-on commitment, supported by the talents and proven experience of THE LOMBARD GROUP.

What lies ahead for us and our projects? We will continue and expand that growth and that level of performance for ourselves, our client companies and our tenants well into the future. While much of our focus, thus far, has been on properties and projects within our home state of Connecticut, we are broadening our horizons to other areas of the northeast and middle Atlantic states, as well, to serve both retailing and commercial/industrial clients.

Most of all, THE LOMBARD GROUP will steadfastly maintain its commitment to the business community at large to conduct our operations in a manner which can proactively contribute to the growth and success of all the regions and businesses we serve.

We invite you to take the time to review all of our credentials contained in this brochure, to examine our properties, to visit with us whenever it is convenient for your schedule, and to utilize the full scope of professional services we can provide.


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